The Secret Art

The Secret Art
We are proud to publish a unique poem about Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do, written by the author Christopher D. Lennon. His book of poems, ‘Forgotten Dreams the Sorrows of War’ is a compilation of poems that deal with the psychological effects of combat and war on people both during and post experience.

Forgotten dreams

The purpose of these poems is to articulate and capture the fear, the sadness and the change that occurs in people who undergo war and combat. The book received critical acclaim. Christopher is a student of Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do and his poem  beautifully encapsulates the ethos of the system.


You can see me

But you do not notice me

I am ordinary

I am, perhaps mundane

To your eyes

This is the way of the Secret Art

I have respect for others

I live by honour

Truth is the way

To illuminate

The soul

In the way of the Secret Art

The hand of friendship

Is always extended

But do not challenge me

For I am Steel

I am Iron

Tempered and forged

By battle

And by the Secret Art

The hard and the soft

Darkness and light

Goodness and evil

Angels and devils

Time and temperance

All know the Secret Art


Oneness and duality

The sides of a coin

The sound of the wind

The power of the sea

The fear of the fire

All are understood

By the Secret Art

Many things do I know

Many things must I discover

On my endless journey

Significance and insignificance

The true nature of the world

I look to the skies

I look to the stars

I will drink from the font of knowledge

I will use it wisely

This Secret Art

A gift for Hanshi Marc Howes and the KBG.

Christopher D. Lennon – 20/01/14

Christopher Lennon was born in Cardiff City, Wales. He emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa with his family where he grew up. Upon completion of high school, he then underwent two years of national service in the South African Army. It was in the latter part of his service that he became involved in the Angolan War. Coming from a military family, the author often reflected on the effects that war and combat had on military personnel – both from a personal perspective, and the experiences told to him by friends and acquaintances. These represented a distinct, common dichotomy – during combat and the difficulty of coping once back in civilian life. Today he lives in Scotland with his wife and children and runs Stone Falcon a management/legal consultancy which is primarily involved within the Oil and Gas Industry. He is a qualified International Commercial Arbitrator and holds both an MBA and a LLB from the University of Aberdeen. He travels and works internationally.

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