Hanshi Marc Howes


This site is dedicated to the pragmatic Japanese self-defence system – Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do (極 真 武 道 会 護 身 道). It’s founder is Hanshi Marc Howes MA (Hons), PGDipCE, a direct student of Kaicho Jon Bluming (10th Dan).

Hanshi Marc has been training in martial arts for over nearly fifty years. He began training in Wadoryu karate in 1973 in Pembroke, Wales and was twice junior Welsh Champion. He has fought in Knockdown Karate and represented his country fighting all over the world, including Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Greece. Hanshi has won two AKA British titles and also won his category in Scotland’s first independent Knockdown Championships. In the early 90s he was the first to introduce Ashihara karate ‘The Fighting Karate’ to Scotland. In 1993 he began groundfighting, learning from Pancrase VHS video tapes (Catch Wrestling) sent from his friend Colin Whitehead in Japan and he is acknowledged to be one of the first teachers of MMA in Scotland. During this time he met Kaicho Bluming and his Kyokushin Budokai system and at last Hanshi found the complete karate system he had been looking for. He has been a direct student of Kaicho since then.

In 1992 Hanshi completed his 40 man full-contact fights and then a year later in 1993 completed his 50 man fights, one of the few to do 90 fights in two years.

In 1998; at the age of 40 and just as he was completing his Masters at Aberdeen University, Hanshi was asked by David McNally, the captain of the University Judo Club to compete on behalf of the University in the Scottish University Judo Championships at the Kelvin Hall Sports Arena in Glasgow. Somewhat dubiously Hanshi agreed (he only knew wrestling) and with a borrowed Judo gi entered on behalf of Aberdeen University, he won all his fights and brought home the only Judo gold medal for the University.

Hanshi Marc has taught all over the world and is one of the few instructors to have taught in Cuba at Julio Carmenate’s dojo in Moron. He has taught at various summercamps all over Europe and taught up to 400 students at a time! At the summercamp in 2006 at Budapest, Hungry, Hanshi was awarded his Rokudan (6th Dan 六段), by Kaicho Bluming. On 15th May 2012 he was awarded his Hachidan (8th Dan 八段) and title of Hanshi (範士 : はんし).

Academically, Hanshi was the first to write an empirical sociological thesis on the UFC, entitled ‘The Civilising of the UFC’, which was published and has since been cited many times in other works and books.

Hanshi has for over 30 years worked with young people. While currently he is working with gifted young people, much of his work has been with young people with social, emotional and behavoural problems. He is CALM (Crisis Aggression Limitation and Management) trained, is a qualified first aider and holds a full PVG (protecting vulnerable groups).

Grades: Hachidan (8th Dan 八段) Kyokushin Budokai, Yondan (4th Dan 四段) Ashihara Karate, Sandan (3rd Dan 参段/三) Tsuyoi Ryu Karate and a Shodan (1st Dan 初段) Wado Ryu Karate


Hanshi Marc 1974

Hanshi Marc 1976 Representing the South West Wales Karate Club

Hanshi Marc is standing in the middle

Hanshi Marc 1979 C0-Founder of the Sullom Voe Karate Club Shetland

Hanshi Marc demonstrating a jumping side kick 1980 – Shetland

The early 1980s – Hanshi Marc scores a KO with a head kick

AKA British Knockdown Squad 1986

L-R Alan Howlett, Hanshi Marc Howes, Sensei Gerry Bryan (British coach)

Hall of Fame 2019

Hanshi Marc Howes was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his years of teaching both nationally and internationally.

Hanshi Marc Howes on stage in front of 300+ people. He dedicated the award to his late Kaicho Jon Bluming (1933-2018)

Hanshi Marc with Instructors Award